Uot uill rimein?

ovvero prima questa poi l’altra

Signori e signore, dal cantante della Royal Air Force, uno che negli anni ’80 era proprio ggiovane, ecco a voi il primo esempio di canzone italiana tradotta in inglese! Ledis end Gentelmen, Uot uill rimen of the 80s? canta Raf!

Years as the days fly away
frames or short trains in tunnels
is a greenhouse gas that dissolves happiness
of our desires and our jeans will do.
Damn these years in your eyes
pierced years and distracted us victims of us
but now it does not cost us the most love
is a hidden sorrow in the soul down.
What remains of these Eighties
grasped already slipped away …
… and the radio sings a truth within a lie.
Years dancing, dancing Reagan-Gorbachev
dance world hunger a tragic roundabout.
We are increasingly alone single half
years in the history books and then what will.
Years of violent fighting in the streets love
you and I are always ready for new geometries
years as empty cans abandoned there
now that we are at the end of this eternity …
… who will start the photography …
… “Will not you break my heart ?”…
Years of rampant myths … smiling from wind-surfing
graffiti and have already become every man for himself
Perhaps by this time tomorrow I will not ever existed
and feelings that you feel will go away as a spray.
Uh! No, no, no, no …
Years of real advertising, but what remains
happy and depressed years of madness and lucidity
They seem already of the Eighties
for us queasi eighty years ago …

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